Friday, February 28, 2014


This weekend come out and help us on Hogs in the Broken Areow area. Meet 0830 at the Broken Arrow Trailhead. 


  1. Too many mountain bikers out of control on the trails. Sedona trail system is not a race course. Hikers have the right of way over mountain bikers. I do not see any bike patrols out in the main areas?

  2. I am a cyclist as well as a hiker so I know that it is paramount for cyclists to communicate with hikers out on the trail. There needs to be more informative signs out on the trail system here in Red Rock Country!
    I have actually spoken with a member of the Forest Service here in town about these issues and I was also told to file a complaint with the local authorities.
    Mtn bikers are making their own trails and as we know create far more damage to the landscape than hikers do.