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  • 3 Feb 2022 10:06 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

  • 19 Jul 2021 5:45 AM | Dennis Wyman

    Women of the VVCC, ready to step up your riding with two days of coaching from world class riders here in beautiful Sedona? Come experience a magical two days and progress your mountain biking beyond what you thought was possible.

    The VVCC is auctioning off one entry to Liv Ladies Allride Camp Oct 13-14. Proceeds from the auction will go to support the trails in the Verde Valley. This sold out signature camp is valued at $425

    Reply to this email with your bid by July 24. Winner will be announced on July 25th.

    The camp schedule is (more details the schedule here)

    • Oct 12, 5:30PM-7PM Happy Hour & Pre-Registration - meet & greet with coaches,
    • Oct 13, 9AM-5:30pm Skills, drills, thrills in the morning, Catered Lunch, trail ride in the afternoon
    • Oct 14 9AM-5PM Skills, drills, thrills in the morning, Catered Lunch, trail ride in the afternoon

    More details on the the camp here

    VVCC would like to thank Thunder Mountain Bike and Liv for donating this camp entry and supporting Verde Valleys trails


  • 27 Sep 2020 2:25 PM | Dennis Wyman

    The Blowout Wash trail project is not the only trail construction occurring this upcoming field season. The VVCC’s good friends at FUN are in the process of raising funds to construct a bike skills park at Mountain View Preparatory (MVP) School in Cottonwood with construction scheduled to begin in late 2020/early 2021. FUN was able to raise the Outride Fund match requirement in less than 10 days and still needs to raise another $50,000 to make this bike skills park a reality.

    Read more HERE.

  • 21 Sep 2020 7:22 AM | Dennis Wyman

    VVCC Awards Trail Construction Contract

    The VVCC has recently awarded a trail construction contract valued at $137,500.00 to the Arizona Conservation Corps (AZCC) to provide 6-person trail crews (“Crews” each crew consisting of 1 crew leader, 1 assistant crew leader, 4 members) for 22 weeks to expedite completion of Phase 2 of the Blowout Wash Community Trail System Project (Project) under Forest Service (FS) supervision. Two Crews will work simultaneously for 10 weeks each followed by one Crew for two weeks.

    The Project is a community-driven trails initiative that was conceptualized in 2008 by the City of Cottonwood to provide recreation opportunities to the residents and visitors of Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Jerome. The Project will encourage positive stewardship of FS lands adjacent to these communities that have historically incurred unmanaged recreation, illegal off highway vehicle use, trash dumping and concentrated recreational shooting.

    The Project is the first of several community trails envisioned as part of the Verde Trails and Access Plan (VTAP). The FS approved the VTAP environmental study in September 2018. The VTAP includes approximately 120 miles of non-motorized and 5 miles of motorized trails within the Verde Ranger District (VRD) of the Prescott National Forest (PNF).

    The Project (~27 miles) is a stacked loop system to facilitate opportunities close in (easiest) and farther out (more challenging).  The Project does not stand alone as it will be connected to the larger Mingus Mountain Trail System and with the Black Canyon National Recreation Trail.  Additionally, the Project connects to the Yavapai College campus and several residential areas in Clarkdale and Cottonwood.

    Two public trailheads, Blowout Wash and Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus, provide access to this system. The Yavapai College trailhead will include all weather paved parking, restrooms, signage and interpretive trail safety opportunities.

    Phase 2 of the Project will construct ~9 miles of loop trails utilizing AZCC Crews, volunteers and FS personnel. Phase 2 construction activities are summarized as follows:

    Trail                                          Length             Constructed by

    Higher Learning                      ~3 miles          Hand by AZCC Crews

    Blowout                                   3 miles            Mechanized by FS personnel & AZCC Crews

    Blowout Butte                         ~1 mile                        Mechanized by FS personnel & AZCC Crews

    Lower Trails                            ~2 miles          Hand/Mechanized by FS personnel & volunteers

    Phase 2 also includes restoration actions by AZCC Crews to stabilize the ground surface by shortening slope lengths, reducing water flow velocities and trapping sediment through wattle and seeding.

    The AZCC contract Project funding is made possible by generous grants to the VVCC from the City of Cottonwood, National Forest and Catena Foundations as well as hundreds of individual donations.

  • 7 Sep 2020 8:46 AM | Dennis Wyman

       Trail Work Volunteers Needed                                           

    Trail Work within the Prescott National Forest starts  September 9, 2020. If you are already on the list you should have received an email highlighting the changes to the processes due to viral concerns. If you need more information or, if you would like to volunteer and have not in the past, please either email or call Michael Reveile, ( or 928-777-2216).

    Please check out the current USDA Travel Questionnaire if you plan on attending.

  • 31 Aug 2020 2:58 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Nine years ago, Mike Raney and Jason First wanted to create a unique bike shop for Sedona. A bike shop that would not just offer the best in mountain bike rentals, sales, service and fun, but also one that would give back to the community. 

    On September 1, 2020, Mike and Jason will be creating this experience as an independently owned and operated bike shop. Thunder Mountain Bikes Sedona is opening its doors at the same location - 1695 AZ-89A Sedona, AZ 86336 . Same great rentals, sales, service and fun as well as Mike and Jason will have more freedom to give back.

    Stop by Thunder Mountain Bikes and experience the difference!

  • 20 Aug 2020 2:39 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Mescal Trailhead Approved for Funding

    Click here for the site plan.

    According to the Design Narrative, the development and construction of a trailhead and day use site at the obsolete "burrow" pit off Dry Creek Road just to the south of Dry Creek includes:

    • a parking lot for a minimum of 40 spaces, including 2 oversized vehicles, and 2 accessible spaces. No horse trailer parking will be provided as this is available at Fay Trailhead. Site parking will be allocated entirely to small and medium vehicles and transit, in order to maximize trail user capacity.
    • a through route in the parking area to allow for visitors to circulate through the site to choose a parking space.
    • a large turnout space with capacity to accommodate a trolley or small transit shuttle will be accommodated, for future alternative transit.
    • toilet facilities with outdoor recreation accessible routes that connect to the parking lot. 
    • a kiosk on site which provides interpretive information on wilderness, land ethics, and orientation. Orient this kiosk to avoid wear and tear from sun exposure.
    • strategic fencing around the site to control people and vehicles from accessing undesignated areas. Using native materials, specifically the fencing design that incorporates split juniper and 4-strand smooth wire fencing.
    • access to viewing locations as indicated on site plan.
    • separate pedestrian and vehicular use with access routes designed for pedestrian use only.
    • a closure gate to enable closure as necessary.
    • connecting the trailhead parking to non-motorized trails.
    • materials that maintain the natural character of the site, which are derived from native sources, are natural-appearing, and maintain the rustic natural character of the site.
    • year-round use.
    • picnic tables.
    • all amenities required by Federal Land Recreation Enhancement Act.
    This site is not intended to have specific features for weddings or jeep tours.

    Project NEPA was completed in 2015.

  • 15 Jul 2020 1:59 PM | Deleted user

    VVCC's Summer Highway 89A Cleanup

    Saturday August 1st. 2020 @ 7am – 10am

    Meet at Spring Creek Ranch Rd and 89A.

    Please Wear: sturdy shoes, gloves and clothes that can get dirty, and bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Unfortunately, due to the COVID19 outbreak, we will not be able to provide refreshments or food after.

    Let’s Do Our Part to Keep Our Roads Free of Debris and Visual Pollution and Help Our Environment One Piece of Trash at a Time!

    To volunteer for this event contact Shawn Hadley (970) 987-8877 or

    More information at:

  • 10 Jul 2020 10:41 AM | Deleted user

    Your chance to become an Everyday Hero!

    How would you like to help turn this?

    Into This!

    There's no place on campus for the after-school mountain bike clubs at Mountain View Preparatory (MVP) School in Cottonwood to ride, so the school buses coaches, students, bikes and gear to Dead Horse State Park and back, losing 25% of club time in transit.

    The Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District has committed a large land parcel it owns at MVP to create a bike skills park on campus.

    MVP students have a varied demographic with a wide range of socioeconomic levels along with a multicultural climate, large attendance boundary, and many students from single parent households or not residing with their biological parents.

    Verde Valley Wheel Fun (FUN) has received a grant for preliminary design documents to create this bike skills park at MVP and now's your chance to become an EveryDay Hero and help FUN break ground later this year. This bike skills park will be built "by students for students" as students and equipment from the local vo-tech school, the Valley Academy for Career Technical Education, will be performing the build under supervision by a professional trail building association member firm.

    And, until August 7th, your contributions will be matched $ for $ by FUN and set the stage to be doubled again through an Outride Fund Matching Grant!

    To donate for this worthy project, click HERE.

    For your generosity, you will receive:

    • Arizona state income tax credit of up to $400 single/$800 married filing jointly. A tax credit reduces you state income taxes dollar-for-dollar so your contribution comes at no charge to you.
    • For 2020 only, you can deduct up to $600 from your income for charitable deductions regardless if you itemize.
    • If you itemize, the 60% charitable contribution cap has been waived for 2020, and
    • Bike smalls from all 475 students enrolled at MVP!

    Thank you!


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