Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition "VVCC" P.O. Box 20332, Sedona, AZ 86341-0332
VVCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

 Bikes for Kids is focused on getting kids in grades K-12 from low income families in the Verde Valley outside and  active by providing them with bicycles, helmets, and encouraging an active lifestyle. 

The VVCC Bikes for Kids Program focuses on kids from families most in need by providing them with bicycles, helmets, and active lifestyle encouragement to get outside/active. 

We do this by raising funds to purchase new/used bikes, helmets, inspect/certify donated used bikes as safe and refurbishing any used bicycles that are cost effective to do so. The VVCC works with Verde Valley school administrators, churches and other community outreach organizations to identify candidates for bikes. We then match these candidates with volunteer mentors to work with recipients in keeping the bikes running and safe. These volunteer mentors also provide, when required, basic instruction on: 

    1.  how to ride a bike; 
    2. maintenance (tire pressure/tread, quick releases, wheel wobble, brakes, chain and lube);
    3. repair (flat tires, broken chains); and 
    4. road hazards and safety.

The VVCC is accepting donations for our Bikes for Kids Programs. Cash donations - for new bikes, helmets, and used bike inspection/repair can be made by clicking here and be sure to choose the Bikes for Kids Fund Type.

Used bike donations can be made by contacting VVCC Board Member Rich Leever at road_committee@vvcc.us.

If you wish to volunteer to be a Bikes for Kids Mentor, please contact Rich at the above email address.

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