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Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition "VVCC" P.O. Box 20332, Sedona, AZ 86341-0332
VVCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

 Chain Reaction is dedicated to providing refurbished bicycles, helmets and bike safety information to homeless     and/or low income residents of the Verde Valley who are in need of transportation and cannot afford a bicycle.  Chain Reaction     is run by VVCC Member, Heather Parris, under the auspices of VVCC's Road Bike Advocacy Committee. To donate to this worthy cause, please use the donation form below and choose Chain Reaction in the drop down Fund Type box.

Chain Reaction grew from a simple question asked to Heather by a friend last winter - could the homeless use bicycles? Great question!

Being friends with Angie Lozano of Angie’s House here in Cottonwood, Heather asked her if her residents could use bikes. Her answer, a resounding YES! So Heather thought about it for a bit and then posted on many Facebook sites asking for unwanted but useable bicycles. The response she got was more than expected and Heather started picking up bikes. 

 She also sent out emails asking for volunteers amongst our cycling community to fix the bikes covering any minor expenses themselves and received a wonderful response.

Safety is always an important component of cycling so Heather didn’t want to give the bicycles to folks without giving them helmets as well. Heather contacted Jared, manager at Absolute Bikes in VOC and asked if they could donate any helmets. Absolute donated a large box of helmets that had been in their rental program and had been replaced. Now Heather was ready!

Heather was able to deliver 6 bicycles and helmets to Angie for her residents use. She has them check out a bike and they are then responsible for it’s condition and must fix flats on their own or find help with it themselves.

Then Heather wondered if the Sedona area homeless could use bikes. Again a resounding yes!

The homeless have received at least 6 bikes and helmets to date. Each time Heather delivered bicycles, she's received a lot of press in the local papers and word is spreading.

Heather Klomparens at the the Yavapai County Health Dept. called asking for a meeting where Heather P. was informed that the City of Cottonwood Police Dept. wanted to donate all of the impounded bicycles that Chain Reaction could use. Wow!

Than a call from Vincent Scarponi of Catholic Charities asking for bikes for veterans. Truly this has been a “Chain Reaction”!

Heather's received help from Zoomer’s bike shop as well and several local cyclists who would like to remain anonymous.

Chain Reaction's Heather was privileged to receive a call from a local therapist. One of her clients is homeless and really needed some form of transportation. Within a week, this client had a newly refurbished mountain bike with a helmet. She was smiling and so was Heather!

Chain Reaction works under the VVCC’s 501c3 to grow and continue Heather's “giving-back project” while she applies for Chain Reaction's tax-exempt classification. It’s important for Heather  to do something for others. 

Chain Reaction found Heather and she's answering the call.

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