VVCC Establishes $75,000 Western Gateway Fundraising Goal 

thru December 31, 2018

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Welcome to the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition Website

The Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition, Inc. (VVCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit formed to improve the bicycling environment and quality of life in the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona. We do this by encouraging bicycle use as an energy-efficient, economical and nonpolluting healthful and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation. 

Upcoming events

FY18 Fundraising Goal Thru 6/30/18 (excluding Membership Dues)

The VVCC raises funds for the following causes: Community Bike Outreach through our partnership with Chain Reaction providing bicycles to the less fortunate; MTB Trail Care Crew and Western Gateway Capital Trail Construction Project; and other worthy causes. Click on the Donate Button to give to one, or all of these worthy causes!
Goal: $20,775.00
Collected: $44,751.81
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