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  • 17 May 2024 9:29 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)


    Strava uses location information to create maps of activities. Strava has privacy settings to help control who can see what information and where. 

    There are three main Strava privacy controls in your Strava Privacy settings.

    Strava profile - information like your name, location or photos you add.

    Strava activities - activities like rides or hikes which may have maps created from GPS tracking.

    Map visibility - controls what location information appears on any maps.

    Screenshots below of how to access your Privacy Controls and what your Privacy controls look like.


    1. Change your Profile Page to Followers.

    2. Change your Activities to Followers in the Privacy Controls or you can do it as you upload each Activity.

    3. Change your Map Visibility to hide a specific address (like your home) or the start/end of your rides. Or, you can completely hide your map.

    4. Uncheck the Aggregate Data Usage to remove your maps from general usage.

    Here is a good article with more details:

  • 16 May 2024 8:00 AM | Kaitlin Hollister (Administrator)

    Highway 89A roadside cleanup at 8:00 am Thurs May 16 meeting at the turnoff from 89A at Oak Creek Valley Rd. Bring gloves. Bags and pickup tools will be provided.

  • 30 Apr 2024 6:11 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)



    Reporting to and in partnership with the Executive Director (ED), the Regional Program Manager position will support Wheel Fun’ bike clubs and other regional program initiatives. A new position in the organization, the Regional Program Manager will have the opportunity to build the operations function.

    Wheel Fun currently has the following regions:

    • Northwest Arizona: Mohave County
    • Southwest Arizona: La Paz and Yuma Counties
    • North Central Arizona: Coconino and Yavapai Counties
    • South Central Arizona: Gila, Maricopa and parts of Pima and Pinal Counties not included in the Southeast Region
    • Northeast Arizona: Navajo and Apache Counties
    • Southeast Arizona: Counties south of the Gila and east of the Santa Cruz Rivers including Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Santa Cruz and parts of Pima and Pinal Counties

    Currently Wheel Fun has two openings for this position. One serving the North Central Region and the other serving Southeast Arizona Region.


    • Recruit coaches, and if requested by the coach, students, for Wheel Fun’s mountain bike clubs in the region.
    • Develop and maintain relationships with Wheel Fun after-school coaches in the region.
    • Regular contact with each coach to ensure that each club has consumables (lube, tubes and other consumables) and spare parts.
    • Encourage coaches to obtain first aid/CPR certification, Ride Leader Certification through the Bike Instructor Certification Program (BICP) and BICP Level 1 Fundamental Skills Instructor Certification. All certifications are paid for by Wheel Fun.
    • Teach coaches basic bike repair actions as appropriate.
    • Repair, check and fix bikes as requested by coaches or, when required, take the bike to the local bike shop for repair as appropriate. Ensure coach is appraised of when bikes taken to the shop are expected to return.
    • Maintain the Regional bike inventory.
    • Move bikes where needed between schools as directed by the Executive Director.
    • Organize and run local bike shop promotions with participating clubs.
    • Be customer service orientated and personable as you are the face of Wheel Fun when on campus.
    • Help recruit new clubs/schools into the program in conjunction with the regional Director(s)
    • Perform other duties as assigned.


    • Ability to manage his or her own time.
    • Ability to prioritize.
    • Good team player.
    • Excited to be travelling.
    • Able to problem solve and work in a fast-paced environment.
    • The seasonal nature of this job means that there will be weeks when we will work longer hours with the opportunity to take additional days and hours off at other times.
    • Flexible

    Professional Qualifications

    • Fixing and repairing bicycles.
    • Want to help others get into outdoor adventure.
    • Be able to clearly communicate and enforce policies, procedures, and program-specific goals.
    • Work with minimal supervision – be autonomous, task-oriented, and self-starting.
    • Provide excellent customer service.
    • Ability and initiative to think critically and solve problems.
    • Attention to detail and highly organized.
    • Be comfortable upholding policies and guidelines.
    • Previous bike shop and bike repair experience preferred.
    • Prior experience in teaching biking or bike maintenance and repair is preferred.

    Position Closing Date: May 28, 2024

    Interested candidates should send their resume and a short cover letter to

    Program Manager Position Description Final.pdf

  • 17 Apr 2024 7:03 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    Comments provided at the April 17th Budget meeting:

    We are here today to speak in support of the new Program Manager position being added to the Public Works Department for a growing need for parking and trails management.

    Why is the position important for Sedona and VVCC members?

    • Residents and tourists alike reside and visit Sedona due to the natural beauty.
    • Few places have such incredible access to Trails from their front doors.
    • Through the work and investment of volunteers, non-profits like VVCC & the Forest Service, a world-class Trail system of 425-miles has been built that residents and tourists enjoy.
    • However, challenges have emerged, and we are here in Support of this Position.
    • The city currently has limited or no representation at many of the meetings & working groups that focus on the Trails and connections resulting in delays. These delays result in Traffic & Safety issues, as the right trails & thoughtful trail connections can assist with our traffic problems & safety issues.
    • The timing is right for this position, as many initiatives would benefit from having a person at the City focused on the Trails: 
      • Greater Sedona Recreation Collaborative
      • The Verde Front
      • Red Rock Ranger District Planning efforts
      • Tourisms Advisory Board
      • SIMs and the Shuttle
      • Cultural Park Master Planning

    We spent some time searching for City’s with surrounding trail Networks.

    Prescott, Hot Springs, AR, Boulder, Park City, Bonney Lake, WA, Breckenridge, Montrose, CO, Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole all have FT City Trails positions

    Please vote in support of this Program Manager, Sedona needs this position.

    We encourage VVCC members to reach out to the Sedona City Council to express your support for the VVCC's position on adding a Program Manager position To the Public Works Department Budget for a growing need for parking and trails management , link here.

  • 13 Apr 2024 6:35 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    Construction on the Copper Chief Trail on the east face of Mingus Mountain in the Prescott National Forest slowed recently due to all the moisture on the saturated soil combined with the grind through some tough terrain, steep rock walls, bedrock and vegetation so thick we couldn't see more than 5 ft ahead of the machine. This was slow going at about 150ft per day. However the constructed trail is beautiful with changing views and surroundings at every turn.  

    On April 9, 2024, youth conservation corps members from Conservation Legacy (AZCC) augmented the Copper Chief Trail machine construction. They’re working to finish almost 2 miles of new trail. Construction will continue until early May when the season wraps up. 

    The VVCC and Verde Valley Trail Fund have applied for $270,000 in Recreational Trails Program and Heritage Fund Grants from Arizona State Parks & Trails for the 2024-2025 field season to finish (hopefully) the Copper Chief Trail and make good progress on the Quail Springs Trail which will connect the Copper Chief Trail to the Ogden Ranch Trailhead permitting a ~13 mile loop from that trailhead and completing the Blowout Wash Trail System.

    The views from the Copper Chief Trail are amazing.

    Jungle Before

    Jungle After

    Small Machine, Big Mountain

    Drainage Before

    Drainage After

    Rock Face Before

    Rock Face After

    Steep Slide Slope Digging

  • 17 Mar 2024 5:47 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    Over 800 Verde Valley public school students are currently riding mountain bikes because of the efforts of Wheel Fun. You can help Wheel Fun increase to 1,000 plus students this fall by donating now. Wheel Fun will be adding new programs at Cottonwood Community and Dr. Daniel Bright Schools in Cottonwood this fall to go with its programming at the other 14 Verde Valley public schools. 

    Donations to Wheel Fun earn you tax credits of up to $841 (joint filers) or $421(all other filing statuses) and donations made up through April 15th can be applied to your 2023 or 2024 tax return. That’s right, donate this month to Wheel Fun and Governor Katie Hobbs will send your donation right back to you. It’s one of life’s only freebies.

    Thank you for your generosity and commitment to building a better Arizona for all. Together we can make a difference that creates the next generation of mountain bikers.

    Click here to donate.
  • 13 Mar 2024 3:07 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    The City has agreed and will work with the Forest Service to utilize Forest Service style fencing to block access to the Forest, protecting Bottom Out, Outer Limits and the surrounding Forest from social paths developing from the Safe Place to Park to these nearby trails.

    Additionally, due to the anticipated 3,000 gallons of potential graywater generated daily from showering, the City is working with the ADEQ to ensure that water does not impact the surrounding washes, specifically Bottom Out.

    Finally, we raised concerns about trash during the meeting, as the Cultural Park TH is already one of the dirtier trail heads. The City indicated that they would ensure no environmental impact would occur due to this temporary usage of the property.

    We encourage VVCC members to reach out to the Sedona City Council to express your support for the VVCC's position: support for the Forest Service style fencing protecting the nearby trails, concerns about the potential impact to Bottom Out and general concerns about trash at the Girdner TH and surrounding trails, link here.

    We would also like to thank VVCC member and Sedona City Councilor Pete Furman for championing and supporting these efforts with the VVCC.

    Letter to the City Council here.

  • 3 Mar 2024 9:43 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    Highway Cleanup - Volunteers Needed

    When: Thursday, March 14 @ 9AM

    Where: meet at Oak Creek Valley Rd and Highway 89A to clean up the section of highway between Milepost markers 360 and 361.

    Long pants and sturdy shoes recommended. Needed equipment will be supplied. Contact Jim Graham for details. 
  • 23 Feb 2024 8:04 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    Having a large returning crew and favorable weather have been a huge boost to this season’s program of work. This has been further complimented by the addition of Holly Cliché the new permanent Trails Foreman. She is a returning employee serving on the Red Rock Trail Crew last winter season and brings over 20 years of trail work experience to our program and community! The energy of this year’s crew has been amplified at our well attended volunteer events around the district during this first half of the season.

    As the North Zone was tied up with the Soldiers Pass Reconstruction Project, South Zone took on all of the Volunteer events during that six-week period. The work their crew and volunteers completed was incredibly successful due to the time taken by volunteers to scout those events with the FS staff and provide different perspectives from long time users of our world class trail system. This intimate knowledge of use and changing conditions due to our dynamic ecosystem help us bridge the gap between effective trail management and maintenance and what the desired experience is for multiple types of users.

    The North Zone Crew had an incredible time on the Soldiers Pass Reconstruction Project due to the great training they had, the phenomenal ACE crew support, and leadership from FS Crew Leader Meghan and Trails Foreman Holly. The construction of the rock check steps added up to 400 ft of linear rock work, with five drainage features constructed. The project was also successful in closing off a highly erosive area adjacent to the trailhead that had been denuded due to accidental off trail use due to poor trailhead infrastructure. Six hundred feet of fencing was installed to add in the restoration of 9,000 square feet reducing the sedimentation into Soldiers was. Seed balls and hydro mulching of this area will help to reestablish the native seed bank and further reduce soil loss.

    Maintenance accomplished this season:

    • Drains Maintained or Constructed- 1375
    • Miles Brushed/Lopped- 120
    • Linear Feet of Rock Work Constructed or Maintained- 1723
    • Signs/Cairns Installed- 18
    • Trees Logged Out- 98 
    • Tread work (ft)- 5000
    • Square feet of Rehab/Restoration- 17,630
    • Social Trail Closed (ft)- 882
    • Volunteer Events - 32
    • Volunteers- 333
    • Volunteer Hours- 1156


    • The Red Rock District is still working on the initial conceptual design for the Verde Valley Circle Trail. This is being assisted by funding and project support from the Verde Valley Cycling Coalition and the Verde Front Trails Working Group. Summit to Sea contractors will be back in the Verde Valley assessing the final connection from Rimrock to Camp Verde and then present this recommendation to the group. Once our current Red Rock Trails Access Plan NEPA package receives a signed Decision Memo we plan to introduce the project to our Red Rock RD Staff.
    • Public Scoping closed for the Red Rock Trails Access Plan in late December with over 500 comments. The majority of these comments were related to the Turkey Creek project area. Due to the nature of the comments District and Forest leadership have committed to breaking the project into two separate projects and to an additional round of scoping a later date once some of the initial concerns can be mitigated related to Turkey Creek project area. This public scoping process was fairly favorable regarding the rest of the proposed projects and will look to make decision on this portion of the project in Spring 2024.
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