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VVCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Red Rock Bike Patrol Recruiting Patrollers

16 Oct 2018 5:53 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

The Red Rock Mountain Bike Patrol (RRMBP) is looking for new volunteer patrolers to assist in Coconino Forest trail patrols throughout the Verde Valley. Marty Glinsky, Patrol Leader and VVCC President, explains that, “we represent a group of local mountain bikers, from all demographics, which assist all trail users. We provide directions, trail suggestions, safety counseling, first aid and the occasional bottle of water to those in need”. 

The Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino Forest, the local land managers sanctioning our group, recognizes the importance of the Patrol. “The RRMBP provides help to local residents and visitors alike. Their volunteer work helps us manage the forest by providing trail conditions and information on user densities on the trails”, according to Forrest Saville, OHV & Trails Coordinator for the Red Rock Ranger District.

Patrollers receive training in all aspects of volunteering on the forest, including CPR and First Aid. Our most common interaction is with trail users (hikers, bikers and equestrians) asking for directions and/or trail suggestions. “We do not have enforcement responsibility”, explains Glinsky, “we are here to help, not act as the police on the trails”. 

The requirements for being a certified patroller includes, a 5 hour CPR/First Aid course (which we arrange at no cost to the volunteers), a 3-4 hour course on Forest Service volunteering, a group ride orientation and an annual mountain bike skills work-shop. Required uniforms and membership to the VVCC, are supplied by the RRMBP. 

The current team of 20 patrollers donated over 3,000 hours of volunteer service so far in 2018. If you enjoy riding you bike on the trails, interacting with a variety of trail users and appreciating the camaraderie of other mountain bikers, then you should join our patrol group. Our next volunteer training course will take place in early November. Please contact Marty Glinsky at sedonanmbp@yahoo.com for more information. 

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