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  • 31 Jul 2017 7:44 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Newly Elected VVCC Board members Don Mathieu and Rich Leever met with Audra Merrick, ADOT District Engineer for the Verde Valley and Eric Gudino, Special Assistant to Director John Halikowski from ADOT on Friday July 27 in Sedona. The meeting covered several areas important to road riders and ADOT was very supportive of our group.  Audra is making arrangements to line up the resources to take over sweeping of 179 in VOC.  Tentative plans are for ADOT to start the sweeping in December 2017. 

    We also discussed that the VVCC wants to partner with ADOT to help keep 89A cleaner and safer for road cyclist using this route (both locals and tourist).  Audra is going to provide us appropriate contact information so we can reach out to ADOT if we see a problem on 89A that needs to be addressed (like glass that is too much for us to handle).  

    We discussed a number of entrances to forest roads along 89A between mile maker 366 and 362 going south that fill up with gravel, thorns, and dirt from the vehicles exiting onto 89A.  ADOT will try to provide spot sweeping when resources allow for these areas as well as develop engineering solutions that might prevent most of the mud, rock, and thorns from dragging out onto the shoulder.  Some of the problem included:

    FR 525 

    FR 9570

    FR 9571

    We also discussed that "Share the Road signs" are not recommended by the VVCC for roads in the Verde Valley.  I have attached an image that has verbiage for the sign we like best -- 3 feet -- It's the law.  

    Finally, we got great news that ADOT would be doing an overlay on 89A between Cottonwood and the high school in Sedona.  The plan is for Jan/Feb of next year weather permitting!

  • 29 Jul 2017 1:40 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

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  • 22 Jul 2017 8:55 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)
    VVCC members elected the following nominees to serve on the VVCC Board

    Nominee                   Votes                  %age                   Term  

    Rich Leever                  38                    100.0%                3 Year       

    Kevin Adams                38                    100.0%                2 Year

    Doug Copp                   37                       97.4%                3 Year

    Marty Glinsky              37                       97.4%                2 Year

    Mike Harris                   37                       97.4%                2 Year

    Don Mathieu                37                       97.4%                3 Year

    Lars Romig                    37                       97.4%               1 Year

    Paul Hallinan                36                       94.7%               1 Year

    Pam Milavec                 36                       94.7%                2 Year

    Caroline Oreel             36                       94.7%                1 Year

    Dan Blaettler                35                      92.1%                 3 Year

    After the election was certified by the VVCC Nominating Committee, the Board chose the following Directors to fill the VVCC's Officer positions:

    Marty Glinsky      President

    Dan Blaettler       Vice President

    Caroline Oreel     Secretary

    Kevin Adams        Treasurer

  • 22 Jul 2017 8:26 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Over 30 members, VIPs, and guests braved heavy monsoon rain and lightning to attended the VVCC's Annual Meeting held at Redstone Grill in the VOC on July 19th.

    VIPs in attendance:

    Dave Norton –  Treasurer, Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

    Randy Garrison – Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor

    Tim Eliniski – Cottonwood Mayor

    Joe Vernier – Sedona City Councilor and VVCC Member

    Forrest Saville – Red Rock Ranger District

    Adam Barnett – Red Rock Ranger District

    Supervisor Garrison and Mayor Elinski visit with Heather Parris

    After the bar was opened but before we served the pizza, members were briefed on the VVCC's FY17 activities and plans for FY18.

    VVCC Members and Guests at the FY18 Annual Meeting

    After briefing members on the proposed governance documents vote and a discussion period, Doug Copp made the motion to adopt the new Bylaws and Club Rules. The motion was seconded by multiple members. The motion passed unanimously.

    From left to right - Linda Harris, Sedona City Councilor/VVCC Member Joe Vernier and Roger Sneed

    The 50-50 Raffle netted $100.00 for the VVCC and Member Dave Biermann was the grand prize winner.

    Member Don Mathieu discusses a point with Dave Norton

     From left to right - VVCC Members Rebecca Ellis, Cody DeLong and John Ellis

    Thank you to everyone who attended and created such a special evening.
  • 29 Jun 2017 6:17 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

  • 21 Jun 2017 3:50 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)
    Chain Reaction is a newly formed Arizona non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide refurbished bicycles, helmets and bike safety information to homeless and/or low-income residents of the Verde Valley who are in need of transportation and cannot afford a bicycle.

    Chain Reaction's President and VVCC Member, Heather Parris reached out to Rich Leever of the VVCC seeking help with Chain Reaction's  mission accomplishment. Under a recently signed  Partnership Assistance Agreement through at least the remainder of 2017, the VVCC will assist Chain Reaction in 

    • obtaining its 501(c)3 designation from the IRS;
    • bicycle refurbishment expense reimbursement;
    • volunteer recruitment
    • donations; and
    • business consultation 
    "Chain Reaction is always in need of used bicycles and help fixing them. Monetary donations for helmets, bike parts and locks are always welcome. If you want to give back to those in need of transportation in the Verde Valley please keep Chain Reaction in mind" stated Parris. "I really look forward to partnering with the VVCC" added Parris. 

    "the VVCC really wants Chain Reaction to be successful" added Leever, "and are willing to help in any way we can."

    Donations on behalf of Chain Reaction can be made by clicking here and choosing Chain Reaction Fund.
  • 13 Jun 2017 9:20 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Big Park School Kids Bike Rodeo

  • 12 Jun 2017 5:14 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    The June Board meeting will now be held at Marty Glinsky’s home 417 Acacia Dr. Sedona, AZ 86336. To get to Marty’s from the Mystic Hills Club House, head up the hill on East Mallard until you reach the T intersection at Acacia Dr. Turn left and 417 is on your right.

  • 9 Jun 2017 7:48 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

     In what's being referred to as "a ground  breaking meeting", John Halikowski,  Executive Director of ADOT, directed that  ADOT take over the maintenance and r  related costs for sweeping, signage and  bike lane markings on the unincorporated  portion of Hwy 179 between the Red Rock  Ranger Station and Back O’Beyond Road by  the end of 2017. These costs are currently  incurred by VVCC and area friends of  bicycling under an encroachment  agreement that was originally required in  order to have bicycle lanes included in the Hwy 179 reconstruction design. 

    Bob Beane, Coalition of Arizona Bicyclist “CAzB” President, made this request directly of Executive Director  Halikowski at a meeting at ADOT Headquarters in Phoenix on June 8th. VVCC Board Member in Waiting Rich Leever represented the VVCC at this meeting. According to Leever, "the VVCC will soon receive written confirmation from Audra Merrick, District Engineer for ADOT in Flagstaff that we are no longer responsible for quarterly sweeping the bike lanes." In an email summary of this meeting sent to CAzB Members, CAzB President Beane wrote "I believe that having a VVCC representative in attendance was influential in the outcome." 

    After the meeting, Rich Leever stated "I like to present VVCC's heartfelt thanks to CAzB and its President Bob Beane for for arranging the meeting and bringing VVCC's situation to the attention of ADOT leadership in Phoenix." 

    There are others in the Verde Valley that helped create awareness about the need for ADOT to take over the cleaning of the 179 in VOC. The VVCC will be sending out thank yous to those people and a press release to the community about this change.  

    Since the VVCC has been raising money to keep the road clean we will determine at next week’s board meeting if there will be any forecasted surplus sweeping donations by year's end as well as the best way to contact those who so generously supported the VVCC’s sweeping requirements concerning any forecasted surplus.  "Hopefully some of those that made donations may be willing to allow the VVCC to keep any surplus sweeping funds for other positive cycling issues" Leever added. 

  • 26 May 2017 11:32 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    You can help the VVCC continue to advance its mission to improve the bicycling environment, facilities, quality of life in the Verde Valley. VVCC needs and welcomes the enthusiastic participation of its Members on the Board of Directors.

    Here are some of the main functions of a VVCC Board member: oversee the direction and management of the club, lead specific committees, recruit new members, ensure a solid, balanced budget, contribute to the club's financial success, and represent VVCC Members. The VVCC's Board of Directors is an active board that makes a difference. 

    Those who are elected to the Board will serve a 3-year term (2017-2019). 

    Submit a statement of interest to membership@vvcc.us by June 10th. Use "Board Nomination" as the subject line of your e-mail message. Your statement of interest should include the following three headings and describe:

    (1) your qualifications

    (2) what you would bring to the board

    (3) your vision for the VVCC. 

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