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5 Minutes With - Sam and Athena Harris

16 Aug 2019 7:15 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

VVCC members Sam and Athena Harris are a pair of well known hybrids navigating their way in a land of conformity. Their adventures have been chronicled in the 2019 book - A Pair of Sedona Miracles - by VVCC members Mike and Linda Harris. Five years earlier, Sam Harris was the subject of his own crime drama book - The Returning - by Mike Harris.

We recently caught up with Sam and Athena in an undisclosed location.

Sam and Athena, can you please tell us about your humans?

Both: Our human caregivers are unique in that they give us the respect and admiration our wild side demands, and allow us to have the freedom and flexibility we need in order to adapt to the human lifestyle.

They took us from the confines of The Shelter and provide everything we need or could possibly desire. We guess we will keep them for now.

Why do you like mountain biking?

Both: The two-wheeled mechanical conveyances humans enjoy are ideal in that they allow humans to join us in the land of Sedona at a speed nearly that of our normal capabilities.

What tastes better - rabbit, coyote, deer, rattlesnake or javelina?

Both: Yes to all of the above. Everything tastes exactly like chicken to us, except coyote and javelina. Avoid rabbit in any month which does not possess an “R”.

What's your favorite local trail?

Sam: You do not know it, and it would be impossible for you to navigate as a biped. It can be found by air if you look down at the earth beyond Submarine Rock in a south easterly direction.

Athena: Turkey Wing, because that is where Kevin decided to let me go and I didn’t come back for 3 hours.

Have you ever ridden a mountain bike?

Sam: Of course.

Athena: Not gonna happen.

When you're not with your human, what do you do for entertainment?

Sam: Hop over the wall, enter the golf course, swim in the water and chase coyotes and rabbits until dinnertime.

Athena: Chew up anything not tied down because they had the audacity to leave me home alone.

What's your favorite potent potable?

Both: Leftover margaritas and occasionally Reds hard apple cider.



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