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  • 4 Nov 2012 9:26 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

         More than 70 show for first trail planning meeting

  • 29 Oct 2012 9:22 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

    U.S. Forest Service

    Coconino National Forest 

    For Immediate Release 

    October 29, 2012 


    Brady Smith, Coconino National Forest, 928-527-3490 

    Brienne Magee, Flagstaff Ranger District, 928-527-8290 

    Connie Birkland, Red Rock Ranger District, 928-203-7505 

    Participate in volunteer trail work to “make a difference” 

    Sedona, AZ – If you like the outdoors and are interested in volunteering to “make a difference” in the National Forest, come join the Forest Service trail team with several upcoming volunteer trail work days. 

    The first volunteer work day is scheduled for Sunday, November 11. Volunteers will organize into several small teams lead by the Forest Service where they will work on a portion of the Slim Shady trail, located west of Yavapai Point Vista. Individuals will learn trail construction techniques and how to safely contribute to a well planned and maintained trail system. 

    Interested volunteers are asked to meet at the new Yavapai Vista parking area for the November 11 event at 10 A.M. The parking area is located south of Sedona on State Route 179 and is accessed from the southbound lane.

    Volunteers need to come prepared and bring with them: a helmet if available, sun glasses, work gloves, drinking water, sun screen, a hat, long sleeved shirt, long pants, and wear boots with ankle support. 

    Additional Red Rock District volunteer trail events are planned for: 

    · December 8th and 19th, 2012 

    · January 19th and 30th , 2013 

    · & February 16th and 27th , 2013 

    For more detailed information on locations and to share your interest, please call F. Adrian at 203-7531 or email her at

  • 25 Oct 2012 9:14 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    So the meeting was a great turnout! Lot of ideas and Kate Bradley the facilitator took notes of the many comments and here are pics of the notes in case you missed it and are wondering what happened.

    A reminder tonight is the RTCA trails planning meeting for the Coconino NF RRRD. 6pm at the Synagogue of the Jewish Community of Sedona

    100 Meadowlark Dr

    Sedona, AZ 86336

  • 24 Oct 2012 9:13 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    VVCC is seeking motivated people to help organize and promote the Sedona Singletrack Celebration for 2013. Please contact us at

  • 21 Oct 2012 9:10 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Click to read the latest trails update from the RRRD. Much new trail cleared for adoption as well as new construction. Get ready for many trail days coming up to help bring these into the system and to construct the new ones. Most people will know of the two big ones Hiline and Hangover trails. These two iconic trails will now be brought into the system. We as cyclists must deliver on helping out on these to fix some parts and assist with the maintenance. Are you excited?? I am!!!! Many determined people deserve much thanks in working with the local RRRD to accomplish this!! Get ready for the trail days.

  • 16 Oct 2012 9:05 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

    U.S. Forest Service                                                            

    Coconino National Forest                                       

    For Immediate Release

    October 11, 2012

    Public Affairs Contacts:

    Brady Smith, Coconino National Forest, 928-527-3490

    Brienne Magee, Flagstaff Ranger District, 928-527-8290

    Connie Birkland, Red Rock Ranger District, 928-203-7505

    A call for community collaboration on future trails

    Sedona, AZ – The Red Rock Ranger District, in partnership with the City of Sedona and the Big Park Council, are seeking to create a non-motorized trail plan that reflects local values and recreation needs and promotes tourism for regional economic benefit while protecting the resources that draw people to this special area. Your help is needed!

    Local citizens are encouraged to join this collaborative effort by attending a kick-off meeting October 25, from 6 to 8 p.m.  This event will be held at the Synagogue of the Jewish Community of Sedona, located on Meadowlark Drive and State Route 179.

    This is the first in a series of monthly meetings to update the local trail plan for our forest lands near Sedona and Big Park.  All members of the public are welcome. Your ideas are vital for this community planning effort.  

    Agenda items for the October 25 meeting will include: an overview of the process, discussion of desired outcomes, sharing of ideas/values and trail interests, brainstorm of concerns, monthly schedule, and developing a core working group.

    Annually, over 600,000 trail users enjoy National Forest trails in the Red Rock area. Popularity and use continues to increase, particularly for hiking and mountain biking. What will the future of our trails be and what new trail opportunities are appropriate? How can trails better connect with the community? These are some of the challenges that will be addressed.

    For more information concerning this planning effort, please contact Jennifer Burns at 928-203-2900. Additional forest recreation information is available on our website at:

  • 10 Oct 2012 9:03 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Took a quick trip to see one of the pinnacles of our pedal powered sport in the Utah Desert. It is amazing to see how far people can take their technical skill level. Here are just a few pics from the Sunday finals of the Red Bull Rampage. Great riding in the surrounding area of Virgin, Hurricane and Gooseberry Mesa. If you get a chance make the trip.

  • 9 Oct 2012 8:57 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    The RRRD of the CNF has been expressing it's concern on illegal trail building. They are considering a potential closure to cross country travel, and the prohibition of use of non-system trails as a solution. The VVCC is very concerned about this as it could potentially close many of our favorite trails. Meetings have been taking place between VVCC, SMBC and IMBA leadership with FS staff and FS Law enforcement to figure out the details and hopefully prevent any loss of trail. Please sign the pledge to help show support that our MTB community will pull together on this. we are not asking anyone to turn people in, just to support no more illegal building, cross country riding to create trail and not support the culture that it is ok to do so. We have had much success on getting trails adopted, with more on the way. If riders continue to construct in light of great efforts by the FS to help, I worry that people choosing to continue building will cause the MTB community to lose traction on keeping trails and moving forward with new trails."

    As President of the VVCC, I want to make clear that this is a purely voluntary pledge intended to show that our tight-knit community of riders is serious about changing the current paradigm. That we’re stepping up to work with the folks who manage the land – stepping up with our fellow riders to create an unparalleled mountain bike experience – legally! That after years of less-than-productive Forest Service relationships, endless illegal trail building and the inevitable trail obliteration which follows, dumbing-down of trails, and the unfortunate perception by many folks that mountain bikers are a bunch of hooligans, that we’ve grown. That the local mountain bikers are set to “man-up” and prove that we warrant the same respect as organizations such as Friends of the Forest or the Sierra Club. A united front will surely thrust us into the limelight as the skilled, knowledgeable, expert trailbuilders we already know deep down that we are. I think that as a group, we all feel absolutely certain that we have the potential to carry the torch of finely-honed trailbuilding genius into the next century, to the next level, and to the next generation of passionate riders. (As well as the rest of the trail users, who have already made comments recognizing the amazing trails we’re credited with creating. ) It’s time that we make clear to everyone that mountain bikers are not just another user group: We’re primed to take the lead as the most inspired generation of trail architects the Verde Valley has ever seen.”

    “Please consider adding your voice to ours.  Pulling together, we can accomplish so much more than we have in the past. I invite you to be a part of this great undertaking.”

    Lars Romig, Mountain Biker

    President, Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition 

    928-301-7792 – Please call me if you’ve got an opinion... any opinion. I want to discuss this with all the locals.

    Please click on the link to fill out the form: PLEDGE FORM

    Please click to read the POSITION STATEMENT


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