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  • 21 Nov 2019 7:08 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Today, the League of American Bicyclists announced 53 communities which earned official Bicycle Friendly Community certification and 12 communities were recognized with Honorable Mentions. 

    Locally, Cottonwood moved up to Silver, from Bronze status and Sedona was renewed at Silver.

    In Arizona, Scottsdale was renewed at Gold status. Apache Junction and Peoria received Honorable Mentions.

  • 20 Nov 2019 7:02 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    We recently caught up with the new Recreation Program Manager for the Red Rock Ranger District, Chris Johansen. Here's what he had to say...

    What's your background?

    After college, I was commissioned an officer in the United States Marine Corps and served for 10 years. After the Marines, I worked for the National Park Service at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park as an Interpretive Park Ranger. Next, I worked as a Natural Resource Specialist for the Army Corps of Engineers managing campgrounds and water-based recreation on several lakes in the South East. I then moved to Florida and transferred back to the Park Service at Gulf Islands National Seashore monitoring nesting shorebirds and sea turtles. Seeking a promotion, I accepted a position with the Department of Defense at Eglin AFB as the Recreation Program Manager. I managed the largest public recreation program in the DoD. The program consisted of hunting, fishing, horseback riding, camping, mountain biking, beach activities, and 71 miles of the Florida National Scenic Trail.

    What attracted you to this position?

    My initial attraction was to the area. Sedona is as beautiful as any of the National Parks in the country. This part of Arizona offers so many outdoor activities for myself and my family. We all enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, and mountain biking.

    I had heard about the strong volunteer organizations and stewardship programs affiliated with the Coconino and particularly the Red Rock District. The bond between the Forest and the community was a major attractor. I am looking forward to all the progress our volunteer groups and the Forest Service can make together on the Red Rock District.

    Also, I have wanted to work for the Forest Service ever since I was a child

    How is the Forest Service different from the DoD?

    There are many similarities between the Department of Defense and the Forest Service and many differences. The similarities are the same with all Federal Service, similar procedures and regulations.

    The biggest difference is the community ties and the passion coming from the people that live in the Sedona area. The recreation program couldn’t survive without volunteer hours and all the work done by these groups. It is truly amazing to hear the thousands of hours put in from the Graffiti Volunteers to the Verde Valley Cyclist Coalition and many more volunteer organizations.

    What's the most interesting thing you did or saw moving from Florida to Arizona?

    My dad came out to help me move and we decided to get off the interstate and take two lane roads from Junction, Texas to Flagstaff. We ended up passing through Capitan, New Mexico and saw where Smokey the Bear is from. We pulled over and saw the Capitan Mountains where Smokey was rescued from the fire. It is a very beautiful part of New Mexico and it was especially relevant that I was driving across the country to work for the Forest Service.

    My vision for the Red Rock District

    My vision for the District is to continue to provide stewardship for our community to remain engaged and to increase community participation. I plan to receive as much input as possible from our partners with what is going well and to benefit from what we can do better. Also, I would like to expand our partnership with the Red Rock Trail Fund and engage in new opportunities. I would like to find a balance with increasing visitation and protecting the fragile natural resources here in the Red Rock District.

    What's been your biggest challenge since taking over?

    There really hasn’t been any challenges. I have been very fortunate to have an excellent staff that have a strong knowledge base about the program and the area. Many employees have deep ties with the community stakeholders and the community. I have met so many positive people since moving here it makes it easy to transition to the Recreation Staff Officer position.

    Anything you'd like to add?


  • 15 Nov 2019 3:01 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    We thought we'd let the Red Rock News tell you the story and just provide you with pictures.

  • 14 Nov 2019 12:05 PM | Paul Hallinan (Administrator)

    “Bikes for Kids Program Enters Second Season”

    Verde Valley Bikes for Kids entered its second season this fall. Under this program, over 70 youths from grades 3 through 8 participate in after school mountain bike clubs on bikes purchased by Bikes for Kids. In addition, Bikes for Kids gave away 35 new bikes in 2019 and will give away over 100 new bikes to Verde Valley students in grades 3-8 in 2020.

    Seven of the eight Verde Valley public elementary schools have mountain bike clubs. School teachers and volunteer coaches from the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition spend at least one day a week teaching mountain bike and safety skills. There are plans to expand the Bikes for Kids program to the eighth school, Jerome-Clarkdale Elementary School, during the 2020-2021 academic year or earlier, coach dependent.

    The Bikes for Kids goal is to empower young people in these grades, through mountain bicycles, fostering values that support youth on and off the bike into their future.

    The Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition funds the Bike for Kids program through generous donations and grant sponsors. The program purchases and maintains bikes, helmets and gear for the schools’ clubs. An annual bike event at the Sedona Bike Skills park is held each spring bringing youth from all 7 elementary schools together for an afternoon of biking along with great food and camaraderie among the young riders.

    More information on the great program is available here

    Contact Rich Leever, Chairperson Bikes For Kids at rlleever@gmail.com for more information.

    Rich Leever

    Chairperson, Bikes for Kids

    Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition

  • 14 Nov 2019 11:57 AM | Paul Hallinan (Administrator)

    Friday, Every Week until May 21, 2020

    Mountain Bike FUNdraiser Ride - Hosted by the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition. All levels, no drop. Meet at the Verde Valley Bicycle Company, 743 N. Main Street, Cottonwood. Wheels roll at 11:15am sharp, weather permitting. Expect about a two hour ride at Dead Horse State Park. Donations to benefit the Blowout Wash Trail System in Clarkdale are encouraged but not mandatory. Visit vvcc.us or VVCC Mountain Bike Rides on Meetup for more information.

  • 28 Oct 2019 8:45 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    On routine patrol near Yavapai Vista on October 27th, RRBP Leader Marty Glinsky was able to provide first aid to a visiting 70 year old Cleveland Ohio area hiker who had fallen and gashed open a head wound.

    The hiker refused to have the dried blood cleaned off as he wanted to show his wife.

    RRBP - Assist, Educate and Inform

  • 26 Oct 2019 4:34 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    The 2019-2020 Trail Work Season officially began at 8:30 AM on October 26th when Trails Coordinator Forrest Saville welcomed over 25 volunteers at the Girdner Trailhead.

    The volunteers built a little over 1/2 mile of new trail connecting the Stirrup Trail to the Cultural Park.

    Photos courtesy of Marty Glinsky

  • 14 Oct 2019 4:09 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    We recently caught up with Forrest Saville, Trails & OHV Coordinator for the Red Rock Ranger District (RRRD).

    Forrest, thanks for taking the time to field our questions. We're hearing there's much news on the personnel front at the District. Can you tell us about the changes and how you think they will affect trails in the District?

    It is an exciting time on the Red Rock. We have a lot of new faces around the office. Amy, the new district ranger, has been here a few months and she is coming from Bend, OR. She is coming in with a lot of recreation experience and everyone knows Bend is a great place to ride bikes. Chris, our new recreation staff officer (replacing Adam Barnett), is coming from Florida after years running a large military recreation program. He is very excited to be in Sedona, and just happens to be a really nice guy. Also, Kyle Robb will be coming back to the Red Rock for the winter and will be filling in behind Bret Edstrom. I am very excited to have Kyle back on the team. This will be his 4th season here, and it’s going to be a huge help to have him back on the team.

    I think this season will be our busiest season that we have ever had. It will be fun to get the new folks out with volunteers and the trail crew to show them what Sedona trails are all about. It’s going to be a great season.

    What's the District's maintenance and enhancement plan/goals for the upcoming trail work season?

    I think this year will be our biggest year ever. For the first time ever, we are going to have a 10 person trail crew! That doesn’t happen in the Forest Service….anywhere. Most of them are starting mid-October and will be here until mid-April. We are going to maintain at least 250 miles of trail and build at least another 10 miles of new trail. Our big focus this year is finishing Western Gateway! We have a lot of work to do but with all of our volunteer events and youth corps, we know we can get it done.

    Special THANKS to all of our partners that help make this happen. We couldn’t do it without the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund, VVCC, and all the wonderful volunteers.

    What's the status of your position with the FS moving forward?

    Always a good question – hopefully we are able to move the hiring process along and I will still be here in a year. To be continued…….

    Who cuts your hair?

    Let’s just say, I am not a regular at the barbershop. When you only get your haircut every 2 years, they tend to forget you.

    Where do you see the District's trail effort five years from now?

    With any luck, I will still be here growing the program. We have a lot of interesting projects on the horizon including – Turkey Creek, Rimrock, Camp Verde. 5 years is a long time but one thing I know is that I won’t be bored.

    Any famous last words?

    Please reach out and give us feedback from things you are seeing on trail. If you see areas that need work or something that happened that you don’t like. Let me know!

    Hope to see everyone out at volunteer events this season!

  • 6 Oct 2019 8:11 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    32 Patrollers logged 4,201.2 hours in the federal government's fiscal year that ended September 30th, with a dozen logging over 100 hours...with nine of these logging over 200 hours each.

    Justin Loxley, the RRRD Volunteer Coordinator stated "

    We appreciate the role your group plays as our ambassadors to the biking community. Your miles on the seat also provide critical intelligence on trail conditions and the identification of safety hazards our visitors may encounter.

    Your group plays a very critical role in the overall success of mountain biking in the Sedona community. On behalf of the Red Rock District, I’d like to thank you for all of your dedication and hard work towards our common goals. Outstanding contributions!"

    Patroller Name         Volunteer Hours

    Kevin Adams                       703.9

    Marty Glinsky                      643.8

    Mike Harris                           517.0

    Patti Wyman                        293.3

    Dennis Wyman                    249.8

    Mike Berlly                            248.6

    Mary Viereck                        237.3

    Marlene Macek                    213.7

    Brad Viereck                         211.8

    Ron Rusk                                176.7

    Rhett Atkinson                     146.3

    Dora Krenzelok                    129.9

    Phil Dehne                                85.5

    Bob Krenzelok                        64.1

    Richard Ellis                             45.0

    Steve Payton                           43.2

    Deb Gens                                  41.8

    Hal Mattern                             34.8

    Kaitlyn Propp                          20.5

    Brenda Hansen                       20.3

    Adam Hansen                          12.0

    Andy Vejnoska                        10.0

    Pam Milavec                               9.0

    Eric Mansfield                            8.3

    Scott Hansen*                              7.9

    Charles Blake                              7.1

    Will Quan                                     5.1

    Joanie Hansen*                           4.0

    David Lee*                                    3.5

    Iain Hackett**                              3.0

    Mike Raisler*                                3.0

    Scott Anderson*                         1.5

    Total                                      4,201.2

    * Joined the patrol in September 2019

    ** Moved from the area and is no longer a patrol member

  • 28 Sep 2019 3:48 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Cool temps and partly cloudy skies made for an enjoyable VVCC picnice for the 50 VVCC members and guests who showed. Here's some pictures of the event. Thank you to everyone who came out and made the event such a success.

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