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22 Feb 2024 2:21 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

A pending bill before the AZ Assembly, SB1184, proposes to eliminate access to bicyclists on Rural area “controlled access highways” (i.e., Freeways in rural AZ areas) . SB1184 would normally be a routine bill re-authorizing the function of ADOT for another four years. Unfortunately, part 28-733A has been tacked onto it to prohibit bicyclists from using rural freeways. For more info about the proposed bill go to and 

Bicycles are (already) currently prohibited on all freeways (the colloquial term for a ‘controlled access highway’) in metro areas; but are allowed on the shoulder in most rural areas — otherwise travel by bicycle would become impractical or impossible in these areas. Safety has not historically been a particular problem, with fewer than ONE incident per year statewide over the course of 11 years.  In comparison, there are 28 bicycling FATALITIES alone on State, County, and urban roads (one of the highest state per capita rates in the nation.) 

Letters, phone calls, and meeting from riders to elected officials in Sedona and Cottonwood to voice opposition is helpful in getting ACZ Legislators and senators to withhold support for this bill.  The VVCC Board of Directors will discuss this issue at the March Board meeting to determine the most appropriate course of action. For long distance bicycle tourists trying to traverse the State and also to connect with other Western US there are areas where to get from point A to point B requires traveling on a freeway. 

The Coalition of AZ Bicyclists has concerns about this pending legislature and you may read about it at



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