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Strava: Privacy Controls

17 May 2024 9:29 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)


Strava uses location information to create maps of activities. Strava has privacy settings to help control who can see what information and where. 

There are three main Strava privacy controls in your Strava Privacy settings.

Strava profile - information like your name, location or photos you add.

Strava activities - activities like rides or hikes which may have maps created from GPS tracking.

Map visibility - controls what location information appears on any maps.

Screenshots below of how to access your Privacy Controls and what your Privacy controls look like.


1. Change your Profile Page to Followers.

2. Change your Activities to Followers in the Privacy Controls or you can do it as you upload each Activity.

3. Change your Map Visibility to hide a specific address (like your home) or the start/end of your rides. Or, you can completely hide your map.

4. Uncheck the Aggregate Data Usage to remove your maps from general usage.

Here is a good article with more details:


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