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UPDATE: Pledge to halt illegal trail construction on the Coconino National Forest - Red Rock District

9 Oct 2012 8:57 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

The RRRD of the CNF has been expressing it's concern on illegal trail building. They are considering a potential closure to cross country travel, and the prohibition of use of non-system trails as a solution. The VVCC is very concerned about this as it could potentially close many of our favorite trails. Meetings have been taking place between VVCC, SMBC and IMBA leadership with FS staff and FS Law enforcement to figure out the details and hopefully prevent any loss of trail. Please sign the pledge to help show support that our MTB community will pull together on this. we are not asking anyone to turn people in, just to support no more illegal building, cross country riding to create trail and not support the culture that it is ok to do so. We have had much success on getting trails adopted, with more on the way. If riders continue to construct in light of great efforts by the FS to help, I worry that people choosing to continue building will cause the MTB community to lose traction on keeping trails and moving forward with new trails."

As President of the VVCC, I want to make clear that this is a purely voluntary pledge intended to show that our tight-knit community of riders is serious about changing the current paradigm. That we’re stepping up to work with the folks who manage the land – stepping up with our fellow riders to create an unparalleled mountain bike experience – legally! That after years of less-than-productive Forest Service relationships, endless illegal trail building and the inevitable trail obliteration which follows, dumbing-down of trails, and the unfortunate perception by many folks that mountain bikers are a bunch of hooligans, that we’ve grown. That the local mountain bikers are set to “man-up” and prove that we warrant the same respect as organizations such as Friends of the Forest or the Sierra Club. A united front will surely thrust us into the limelight as the skilled, knowledgeable, expert trailbuilders we already know deep down that we are. I think that as a group, we all feel absolutely certain that we have the potential to carry the torch of finely-honed trailbuilding genius into the next century, to the next level, and to the next generation of passionate riders. (As well as the rest of the trail users, who have already made comments recognizing the amazing trails we’re credited with creating. ) It’s time that we make clear to everyone that mountain bikers are not just another user group: We’re primed to take the lead as the most inspired generation of trail architects the Verde Valley has ever seen.”

“Please consider adding your voice to ours.  Pulling together, we can accomplish so much more than we have in the past. I invite you to be a part of this great undertaking.”

Lars Romig, Mountain Biker

President, Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition 

928-301-7792 – Please call me if you’ve got an opinion... any opinion. I want to discuss this with all the locals.

Please click on the link to fill out the form: PLEDGE FORM

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The VVCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2003 (incorporated in March 2004) to promote road and mountain bike advocacy in, and around, the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona.




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