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5 Minutes With - Denis Mahoney

18 Jun 2019 4:13 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

We recently caught up with Denis Mahoney at the Verde Valley Bicycle Company after their Saturday morning ride...

What attracted you to the Verde Valley?

Mountain biking, mountain biking, mountain biking and hiking!

Carol and I were sitting around Seattle in the rain talking about where to retire. We moved to Seattle from Colorado and had always wanted to get back to the southwest. So after a camping trip to the Sedona area and liking it and some friends buying a place in Cottonwood here we are. The bottom line though is probably biking and hiking.

What's the most unusual job you've held and why?

I worked for a large cemetery for 17 years and ran their small cemetery for 13 of those years. Most people think that's an unusual job but for me it was a great way to work outside. I did a lot of landscaping which I liked. Sometimes it was hard to get a extra day off. The joke was I could get the day off if nobody died.

What made you decide to become a newly wed?

Carol and I had been together for almost 35 years so it wasn’t like we needed anyone to tell us it was ok. But you know how it goes with rules. My health insurance was better than Carol’s so to get her on mine we needed to be married. And with all the mountain biking we’re doing its seemed like a good idea to have good insurance.

What's your favorite local ride and why?

My favorite local ride would have to be Dead Horse Ranch State Park. One reason is because it's close enough I can ride from my house. But all in all it's got some really good trails. A little of everything, single track, rocky tech, ledgy drop-offs. Riding there as much as we do has really helped me improve.

What don't you want others to know about you?

Ah a trick question. Of course if its something I don’t want others to know I’m not telling!

But one thing would be how much work it took to photoshop and crop the picture Kevin took of me right after we finished a ride.

Original photo of Denis after our ride...

Photoshopped and cropped photo of Denis.



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