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Call to Action

10 Jul 2020 10:41 AM | Deleted user

Your chance to become an Everyday Hero!

How would you like to help turn this?

Into This!

There's no place on campus for the after-school mountain bike clubs at Mountain View Preparatory (MVP) School in Cottonwood to ride, so the school buses coaches, students, bikes and gear to Dead Horse State Park and back, losing 25% of club time in transit.

The Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District has committed a large land parcel it owns at MVP to create a bike skills park on campus.

MVP students have a varied demographic with a wide range of socioeconomic levels along with a multicultural climate, large attendance boundary, and many students from single parent households or not residing with their biological parents.

Verde Valley Wheel Fun (FUN) has received a grant for preliminary design documents to create this bike skills park at MVP and now's your chance to become an EveryDay Hero and help FUN break ground later this year. This bike skills park will be built "by students for students" as students and equipment from the local vo-tech school, the Valley Academy for Career Technical Education, will be performing the build under supervision by a professional trail building association member firm.

And, until August 7th, your contributions will be matched $ for $ by FUN and set the stage to be doubled again through an Outride Fund Matching Grant!

To donate for this worthy project, click HERE.

For your generosity, you will receive:

  • Arizona state income tax credit of up to $400 single/$800 married filing jointly. A tax credit reduces you state income taxes dollar-for-dollar so your contribution comes at no charge to you.
  • For 2020 only, you can deduct up to $600 from your income for charitable deductions regardless if you itemize.
  • If you itemize, the 60% charitable contribution cap has been waived for 2020, and
  • Bike smalls from all 475 students enrolled at MVP!

Thank you!



The VVCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2003 (incorporated in March 2004) to promote road and mountain bike advocacy in, and around, the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona.




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