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  • 24 May 2023 5:32 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    Did you know that the Verde Valley has provided shelter and sustenance to human cultures for thousands of years? When the first white settlers arrived in the Verde Valley in 19th century, they discovered the remains of ancient cultures, the largest of which are now protected as National Monuments. But large numbers of major and minor archaeology sites dot the landscape and remain unprotected and, in many cases, undocumented. These sites are protected by Federal law. 

    Typically, when the Red Rock Ranger District wants to do a construction project (e.g., build a new trail), the District’s archaeologist must determine how to protect Native American archeological sites and historic properties. This may require surveying the project area and then consulting with the State Historic Preservation Office on the findings. 

    Surveys, required by law, can be costly! To plan for a slate of proposed new trails in 2024, the Forest Service asked the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund to help, by funding the $157,000 cost for the archaeological surveys of the project areas. The Trail Fund worked with Forest Archaeologists to contract with the firm Tetra Tech to conduct the surveys. The survey results, expected in August, will be used to protect cultural sites from trail construction impacts. 

    The Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund raised the funds for the Project through grants and generous donations. 

    To bring this work to life, we asked Tetra Tech’s archaeologist Katheryn “Kat” Turney the following questions and her answers follow. 

    What it’s like to perform these surveys? “It is exhilarating, exhausting, completely all-encompassing and engrossing. It can be sunny or raining, hot or cold and most archaeologists will still enjoy survey. Let’s face it, it’s not a job, it is a life’s work and done with heart and a passion for those who came before us. We always want to know more, see more, experience more. It is a life of adventure.” 

    What’s the most interesting thing you found during one of these surveys? “An intact floor in a cliff dwelling. It was if the people living there had just walked away yesterday. Doug Mitchell, my co-worker, had an interesting find while on an excavation in Calgary, Alberta. They were excavating a large buffalo kill. They had a 1 meter x 1 meter unit open and were cleaning up a vertebral column for photos. While working between two of the cervical, he heard a “click” on his trowel. He extracted what turned out to be a quartz crystal corner-notched projectile point. They later dated the bone bed to 8200 BC.”

    What was the strangest thing found during these surveys? “15 office chairs, complete with wheels, each spaced out about 50 ft. apart, a dismembered baby doll, 7 left shoes from different sized feet, a fish grave complete with aquarium set up, and lots of golf balls in very remote places.” Makes you wonder what future archaeologist will think of our time. 

    What should a lay person understand about your work? “Well, the obvious thing would be to say that we don’t do dinosaurs…but also that there is more to archaeology than just excavation. We survey, we monitor at construction sites and most of us spend more time in the office or the lab writing reports, researching and conducting artifact analysis than we do in the field.”   

    Anything else? “We really dislike stacked rocks. It’s bad for the environment, messes with what is and is not a trail and well, it irritates the crap out of us. Plain and simple, please don’t stack the rocks. If by chance you are lucky enough to find an artifact in the field, please take all the pictures you can and then leave it where you found it. An artifact out of context is not helpful to the archaeological record. Oh, and if you find something interesting, call me!” 

    For more information on the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund and how you can support our projects, please visit our website at To find out more about the Verde Valley’s human history, please visit the Verde Valley Archaeology Center and Museum in Camp Verde.

  • 11 May 2023 7:11 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    Spring has sprung, so we are looking to grow our VVCC committees. We hope some of you are willing to help our committees accomplish more great things in the months and years ahead. 

    We are hoping to have well-staffed committees, and hope that many of you would be interested in helping out. The VVCC Board has done a great job of getting the VVCC growing again, but we are at the point where we need your help. IT TAKES A VILLAGE! We are looking for self-starters, folks that can look at a committee description and say: “This is how I want to support VVCC!” and act on that ambition.

    Here are the opportunities for you to get involved.

    Media Committee

    The Media Committee provides the voice for the VVCC. The VVCC Website, Newsletter and Social Media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) are managed by the Media Committee. The VVCC Website and Newsletter are managed through Wild Apricot. If you have any experience with WordPress or any other website content management system or want to learn, you can help out with the website updates and/or improvements. If you have any experience with MailChimp or any email marketing platform or want to learn, you can help out with the monthly Newsletter. If you enjoy creating content on social media, reach out! The coverage of Trail Work Days, VVCC Events and cycling-related News are all popular topics with VVCC Members. If any of this sounds appealing, we can REALLY use the help. Contact:

    Events / Membership Committee(s)

    The VVCC membership is growing again!! The largest contributor to the growth are the Events. The VVCC has upped our game with our regular Fall & Spring Picnics and Holiday Party. And, we are planning to have six additional gatherings September '23 - May '24 with our Business Sponsors. Plus, we are working with our Business Sponsors to continue to bring new things to the Events and new benefits to the VVCC Members.  And, we're actively in discussions with additional Business Sponsors that the VVCC membership would value. So, if you enjoy party planning, leading group rides, collaborating/brainstorming with small businesses in the Verde Valley, party logistics, etc...., we could REALLY use your help. Contact: or

    Fundraising Committee

    The Fundraising Committee works to raise money to support our Member events as well as trails and road & gravel advocacy efforts. We’re looking for energetic people who like to reach out to community businesses and organizations for financial donations and items in kind that could be used in our fundraising efforts (e.g., raffles), and that enjoy conducting raffle ticket sales at VVCC events. If that sounds like you, we could use your help. Contact:

    Road & Gravel Advocacy Committee

    The Road & Gravel Committee is looking for volunteers to help develop new opportunities for gravel riding in the Verde Valley. Gravel riding is the fastest growing segment of cycling in the country and the multiple forest roads in the Valley offers exciting new was to develop riding. We’re looking for volunteers who want to get involved with growing Gravel. VVCC continues to advocate for road cycling safety and opportunities. This aspect of cycling is one of VVCC’s greatest needs to fill. If you want to get involved in these efforts, we need you!   Contact:

    Time Commitment:

    For all committees, the commitment would average around 2 to 3 hours a month. If you want to do more, that is up to you. The more people on the committee, the less work it will be for everyone. No experience needed.


    The pay? Knowing that you are making the Verde Valley a better place to ride! 

    We hope that many of you will join one of our committees and help us maximize our impact in the Verde Valley!

  • 1 May 2023 5:33 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    When: Saturday, May 6 @ 7:30am to 9am ish

    Where: Meet at Spring Creek Ranch Rd and 89A

    Please wear sturdy shoes, gloves and clothes that can get dirty and bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

    To volunteer contact Marty Glinsky 631-512-3439 or

  • 19 Apr 2023 6:16 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)
    • Date: Wednesday, May 17th, 2023
    • When: 5PM-6:30PM
    • Location: Verde Valley Bicycle Company, 743 N Main St. Cottonwood

    The Ride of Silence is an annual multi-location, international bicycle ride to commemorate cyclists killed and support those injured while riding on public roads. It helps to raise awareness among motorists, the public and decision makers of the dangers cyclists face on the roads, especially from other traffic.

    The route will be 4 miles starting at the bicycle shop on Main St. in Cottonwood.

  • 19 Apr 2023 6:03 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    VVCC Members, let's embrace this Challenge and WIN this trophy!!!

    WHEN: May 15-21st (Monday through Sunday)

    WHAT: GO TO - to sign up for your team or to create a new team.

    Recommended: Select Other and enter VVCC.

    Points are based on biking to work, recreational rides, and the events listed within the bike week calendar above.

    After you sign up for your team, you will receive emails each day during bike week to keep track of points and events you participated in.

    The trophy is back on the line! The raining champs are the OWLS! Join in on the fun and let's see the VVCC take the trophy!

    Details on Wednesday, May 17th, "Ride Of Silence", click here.

    Details on Saturday, May 20th, "Bike with Cottonwood's Mayor", click here.

  • 19 Apr 2023 11:04 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)


    The Verde Valley Trail Fund (VVTF) was incorporated as an Arizona Nonprofit Corporation on June 24, 2021 and received its IRS non-profit designation on October 12, 2021. Its mission is to provide a self-sustaining funding source to help maintain and enhance system trails on Verde Valley public lands. 

    The VVTF Board of Directors includes local hikers, cyclists, runners, and equestrians who work in partnership with local land managers and the community and currently consists of Kevin Adams (Acting President and Vice President), Gary Davis (Secretary), Jan Starkey (Treasurer) and at large Directors Steve Ayers, Cliff Bryson, Crisi Clark, and Greg Miranda. Sean Brooks provides information technology support. The Board meets on the third Thursday of the month, alternating between Camp Verde and Cottonwood locations. The next meeting is April 20, 2023 at 5:30PM at the Camp Verde Development Office 385 S Main Street, Camp Verde, AZ 86322. The Verde Front Leadership Council is invited to attend. At this meeting, we anticipate Crisi Clark being voted in to serve as President.

    The three primary goals of VVTF are to provide the community with understanding of trail values, continuously maintaining and enhancing the trails, and having the capacity to meet the funding shortfall needs of these trails.   

    The VVTF is modeled after the very successful Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund and will build on the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition’s (VVCC) fundraising success with the Verde Trails & Access Plan (VTAP). Recognizing that the primary fundraising source for VTAP needed to transition from mountain bikers to the community, the VVCC and VVTF entered into a Memorandum of Understanding creating an orderly transition where both entities raise funds for the VTAP in 2022 with the VVTF taking over primary fundraising responsibility in 2023. The Forest Service (FS) entered into a Cost Share Agreement with the VVTF in February 2022 to address VTAP projects.

    The VVTF expects to have a website up and running later this calendar year.

    2022-2023 Field Season

    The VVTF and VVCC jointly funded the 2022-2023 field season’s work on the Copper Chief Trail which used a combination of mechanized construction by professional trail builders and manual construction/restoration work by youth conservation corps members and volunteers.

    VVTF funded activities ($64,750.00 total costs). The VVTF contracted with Flagline Trails LLC to provide a professional machine operator equipped with a mini-excavator to cut trail tread and back slope, to specification, along the flagged alignment of the Copper Chief Trail. Work began in early January 2023. Total cost: $55,000.00. Additionally, Flagline Trails also provided project management/trail training supporting two Arizona Conservation Corps (AZCC) crews with trail construction training specific to the Copper Chief Trail project. Total Cost: $9,750.00.

    Copper Chief Trail Construction 2023 - Pictures Courtesy of Flagline Trails LLC

    VVCC funded activities ($119,430.29 less any missing crew hours on the last hitch). The VVCC contracted with AZCC to provide up to two crews for up to 22 weeks on the project during the 2022-2023 season. AZCC provided two crews during November 2022 to provide two weeks each of restoration actions in the project area. AZCC provided crews beginning on January 31, 2023 to perform finishing work on the newly constructed Copper Chief Trail. Work is expected to conclude on April 18th. In total, AZCC will provide 16 weeks of work. ($110,256.65 less any missing crew hours on the last hitch.)

    Youth Conservation Corps Crews Performing Finishing Work - Photo Courtesy of Conservation Legacy

    The VVCC also provided gate guards ($6,616.75) installed on the Copper Chief Trail this season by volunteers, wattles ($1,497.13) used for restoration actions during Fall 2022 and refreshments at 12 volunteer workdays on the project ($1,050.76). Four volunteer workdays were cancelled due to weather. The twelve volunteer workdays attracted 77 volunteers who contributed 308 hours on the project. These volunteer hours are valued at $8,790.32 and are not included in the above VVCC total costs.

    A picture containing outdoor, stone, cement Description automatically generated

    Gate Guard Installed on the Copper Chief Trail by Volunteers in 2023 - Picture Courtesy of Kevin Adams

    Trails Working Capital Fund

    The VVTF has created a Trails Working Capital Fund (TWCF) to materially fund VTAP new trail construction. The TWCF is replenished annually through reimbursement type grants awarded and administered by Arizona State Parks & Trails (ASP&T). The TWCF permits the focus to be on new trail construction rather than fundraising annually. ASP&T requires either a 5.7% or 25% grant match depending on the grant that will have to be raised annually through grants and other funding.

    Fundraising Activity

    The 2022-2023 field season was funded from the following grants and the TWCF:

    • Catena Foundation $100,500.00 awarded to the VVCC in 2021 (three-year grant)
    • National Forest Foundation $28,000.00 awarded to the VVCC in 2022
    • Arizona Community Foundation of Yavapai County $10,000.00 awarded to the VVTF in 2022
    • Arizona Community Foundation of Sedona $7,504.00 awarded to the VVTF in 2022
    • City of Cottonwood $7,500.00 awarded to the VVTF in 2022
    • Mountain Bike Association of Arizona $2,000.00 awarded to the VVTF in 2022
    • Friends of the Verde River $1,000 awarded to the VVTF in 2022
    • TWCF $27,676.29 provided by the VVCC

    The VVCC was awarded a Recreational Trails Program (2021) and the VVTF a Heritage Fund (2022) grant for the 2022-2023 field season. Maximum total value of the two grants totaled $200,000.00. Much of the above $184,180.29 cost for the 2022-2023 field season will be reimbursed and applied to the TWCF providing a significant portion of the upfront funding for the 2023-2024 field season.

    The VVCC and VVTF are already in work submitting grant applications for the 2023-2024 field season in which we anticipate that the Copper Chief Trail will be completed:

    • Catena Foundation $9,090.09 awarded to the VVCC in 2021 (final installment)

    • Arizona State Parks & Trails Recreation Trails Program $150,000.00 awarded to the VVTF in 2022 (reimbursement type grant with the reimbursement to be used for the 2024-2025 field season’s work constructing the Quail Springs Trail)

    • Pending Grant applications

      • Arizona Community Foundation $20,000 grant application submitted by the VVTF

      • Athletic Brewing Company ($10,000) grant application submitted by the VVTF

    The VVTF has also been informed that the Catena Foundation would be open to funding the outsourcing for any cultural and historic properties surveys for the Verde Valley Circle Trail in Red Rock Ranger District areas outside of the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund’s geographic territory. The Verde Ranger District has also approached the VVTF about outsourcing cultural and historic properties surveys for the Quail Spring Trail using the TWCF.

  • 27 Mar 2023 9:16 AM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)


    Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB) has honored Kevin Adams, VVCC Treasurer, and the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund with an Award of Excellence for Environmental Stewardship. The mission of KSB, a Sedona nonprofit, is “To protect and sustain the scenic beauty and natural environment of Sedona and the Verde Valley”.  

    Each year, KSB identifies organizations, businesses and individuals who have made significant contributions to the community. The various categories include Dark Sky Lighting, Landscaping, Cultural Heritage, Community Service, Environmental Stewardship, Education, and Sustainability. 

    KSB received a nomination of Kevin and a nomination for the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund. They each lauded the incredible work accomplished to maintain and expand our trails, the ‘quiet work’ that makes our trails so spectacular. 

    KSB will be holding an Awards of Excellence ceremony on Wednesday April 19 from 4-6 p.m. The event will take place at the KSB EcoHub, 360 Brewer Rd in Sedona. Beverages and hors d'oeuvres will be served, and there will be no admission fee. Doors will open at 3:30 p.m.  

    At the event KSB will recognize the accomplishments of the awardees. KSB will announce all awardees in news releases to the local media and on its web site prior to the ceremony.

  • 26 Mar 2023 7:18 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)

    In January, Robb from Flagline Trails LLC fired up the mini-excavator and has been cutting in this year’s work on the Copper Chief Trail completing almost 2.4 miles of new trail cut to the old road bed. Considering much of this new trail was cut through solid rock, adds to the story. Robb was followed by Youth Conservation Corps members from Conservation Legacy performing the finishing work. The Corps members will be continuing on turning the old road bed into new trail. All told, over 3 miles of the Copper Chief Trail will be completed this year with this 10 mile trail planned to be completed – connecting Phase 2 of the Blowout Wash to the Mingus Mountain Black Canyon Trail in 2024. 

  • 31 Jan 2023 10:38 PM | Tracy Randall (Administrator)
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