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  • 22 Jan 2019 4:24 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    The VVCC is celebrating 15 years of bicycle advocacy to the Verde Valley by reprinting this Red Rock News article from November 11, 2009. Thank you Daniel Paduchowski for the treasure trove of history!

  • 21 Jan 2019 3:42 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    VVCC Member, Evan Puglia, recently caught up with 5 Minutes With via email. 5 Minutes With is too old and slow to catch up to Evan.

    How long have you lived in the Verde Valley?

    Approaching 3 years here in Sedona.

    Where did you move here from?

    I was living in Vail, Colorado for 11 years.

    What have you been doing since you got here?

    Exploring Sedona and different areas of the Southwest. Coming from Colorado, being able to ride 365 days a year was quite enticing. The past two years I've been working for Hermosa Tours running MTB day tours out of Sedona and multi-day trips along the Arizona Trail (AZT). Exploring different segments of the AZT has been an incredible experience for me. Its diverse nature has increased my understanding of Arizona's ecosystems and how they coexist with one another. My other job is working at Over the Edge Bike Shop in West Sedona. I am forever grateful to this shop for welcoming me into their riding community. My experience here in Sedona would not be the same without them. Finally, I had an amazing summer where I spent most of my time in Northern Italy mountain biking and bikepacking through the Italian Alps with my partner Amaryth.

    Favorite Trail Network?

    Impossible question. I will give you my top 3. So far it's been tough to top Squamish BC, Finale Ligure, Italy, and Sedona, AZ.  

    Favorite Trail Snack?

    Epic bars, bag of mixed nuts. We loved seeing how many croissants we could fit into our frame bags in Europe.   

    What's new in your life?

    The newest adventure in my life is the launch of the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy (SMBA). This is a brand new Sedona business, which is a collection of fun loving local certified mountain bike coaches. 

    Who's SMBA's customer base and offering?

    We're offering effective, unique, and affordable coaching options to both youth and adult mountain bikers. Our Youth Program is called S.H.R.E.D. - Sedona’s Home of Riding Education and Development - which currently has rides and clinics for youngsters ages 7-17. For adults, we have private lessons, group lessons, women's specific offerings, and clinics.

    That sounds great, who are your instructors and their qualifications?

    This is the part that I am most excited about! We have 4 certified coaches on staff right here in Sedona. Our qualifications include years of experience teaching mountain biking in the industry; Level 1 and 2 teaching certifications from PMBIA, Terra Method, ICP (IMBA) as well as safety certifications such as CPR, Wilderness First Aid, and Wilderness First Responder.   

    Any special VVCC member offerings?

    Absolutely.  All VVCC members are offered one initial 2 hour group lesson for $50 per person (2 or more riders) which is 60% off our regular pricing. All private lessons, youth lessons or consecutive group lessons will be 30% off until March 5th (subject to availability). Long term coaching plans and discounts are available to all VVCC members.  

    When's your next clinics?

    Youth Clinics: Monday, February 18, President's Day SHRED Mini Clinic, $35 each (Ages 7-17)

    Saturday, March 2, Sedona MTB Festival Mini Clinics, early bird $25 each (Ages 7-17) 

    Adult Clinics: March 16-17, Women's Clinic, Intermediate to Advanced

    Anything else you are excited about this spring?

    Yes of course! We are super excited about volunteering for several youth cycling programs. More specifically we will be volunteering for the Verde Valley Bikes4Kids at West Sedona's MTB Club and also the Sedona High School NICA Team. Come out for a ride and watch these kids grow!

    How can VVCC members find out more?

    Visit our website at or call us direct with any questions: 1(888) 288-0603

  • 7 Jan 2019 8:10 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Verde Valley Bikes for Kids is drawing national attention for its work getting kids on bikes. Just recently, Trek President John Burke awarded the program a $2,000 grant as a "thank you for doing GREAT work in your Community!"

    Trek is the VVCC latest Gold Level Sponsor.

    Thank you John and Trek!

  • 4 Jan 2019 7:52 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    The first 2019 VVCC Mountain Bike Friday FUNdraiser Ride on January 4th attracted 20 riders with three from Colorado

    If you think that mountain biking and beer go together, the VVCC Mountain Bike Rides MeetUp Friday FUNdraiser ride is for you.

    Each Friday, 10-25 mountain bikers meet at the Verde Valley Bicycle Company at 743 N. Main Street in Cottonwood for a ride on the trails at Dead Horse State Park. The ride starts at 11:15 AM (wheels rolling) and is a no-drop one that covers a little over 11 miles taking just about 2 hours to complete. The park usually waives the entry fee - plenty of regulars have annual passes or are Patrollers - and the trails offer a challenging experience.

    Après ride, beer from Lagunitas Brewery and socializing opportunities abound. A donation box is available, but the après' emphasis is on FUN, not "raising".  Since the first ride on October 19th, $456.00 has been raised for Western Gateway trail construction.

    Hope to see you there!

  • 26 Dec 2018 10:20 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Q. With the new year approaching, what do you see as the VVCC's biggest:


    A. Our leadership position throughout the Verde Valley. The many years of hard work has resulted in our club being the "go-to" organization for anything and everything involved with bicycling in our geographic area. From roadway safety initiatives to our "Bikes for Kids" program, we represent the best of our bicycling community. 

    Q. Weaknesses?

    A. As with many organizations whose programs are run entirely by volunteers, our ability to recruit and keep our people excited about what they do, can be difficult at times. 

    Q. Opportunities?

    A. There are many new and exciting adventures for us to initiate in the future. A city-wide bicycle pathway, improved bike lanes, new mountain bike trails, etc. The possibilities are wide and far-reaching. There will never be a shortage of opportunities.

    Q. Threats?

    A. As I alluded to previously, involved volunteers will be the key to our success in the future. Recruiting new people for leadership roles, as well as simply getting new volunteers to serve on committees, is our main goal. The threat to our continued success and future growth, will be our ability to attract more volunteers. I already see some of our volunteers getting "worn-out". 

    Q. Where do you see the VVCC by the end of 2019?

    A. I see 2019 as one of the most exciting years since our inception 15 years ago. We will continue to gain new members, albeit at a slower pace than 2018. Our wide variety of advocacy groups and programs, will experience continued growth and interest.

    Q. What do you like most about the VVCC?

    A. That's simple...our wonderful members and volunteers. 

    Q. What do you like least about the VVCC?

    A. The continuing efforts needed to encourage our membership to step-up in their volunteering. 

    Q. If you had the power to change one thing associated with the VVCC, what would it be?

    A. I have a pet peeve that I can't shake. There are MANY bicyclists in the Verde Valley, that for a number of reasons, shun our group. While they certainly enjoy the fruits of our club's labors, they not only refuse to get involved in the only bicycle advocacy group in the area, but they actually go out of they way to demean our group and our members. In Marty's perfect world, we would obtain 100% membership from all bicyclists. 

    Q. What's stopping you from changing it?

    A. I've tried and in a few cases, I've succeeded. However, quoting Mr. Gump, "stupid is as stupid does". I have a problem with ignorance.

    Q. Anything you'd like to add?

    A. I'd like to ask all members to chose a committee or program and get involved!

  • 25 Dec 2018 8:26 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    VVCC Friday Rides Back When


    VVCC Friday Rides December 28, 2018

  • 24 Dec 2018 4:05 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Thank you To the following donors for their generosity!

    Mark Evans                Rich Leever           Wally Tibbits              Virginia Baird

    Marlene Macek        Anonymous          Jim & Janet Oliver    Kristen Highfield

    Bob Hudson              Paul Majane         Hubble Family Trust  Kate Hansen

    Alan McNulty            Bob Windham      Daniel Erway               Joseph Green

    Cheryl Harter            Nancy Lorig       Charity Silvera     Dennis & Patti Wyman

    Rebecca & John Ellis    Paul Hallinan       Anne Hess                 Bill Jackson      

    If you intended to donate but the holidays got in the way...

    Donations received through April 15, 2019 reduce your 2018 or 2019 - your choice - Arizona State Income Tax Liability Dollar-for-Dollar Up to $800 ($400 for single/individual filers)

  • 20 Dec 2018 7:40 PM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    The Mountain Bike Association of Arizona "MBAA" today announced the the VVCC was selected to receive a grant in the amount of $2,500 for the Western Gateway.

    Thank you MBAA!

  • 14 Dec 2018 9:00 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    Marzocchi was founded in 1949 and it is presently involved in the design and manufacturing of mountain bike suspensions. Acquired by Fox in November 2015, Marzocchi was recently re-launched to be more than just fun times and shred fests. Marzocchi is e building a brand that wants to be a true steward of the sport and brings sweet suspension technology to more riders. 

    With that in mind, VVCC Members can score 20% off with coupon code VVCC20. The 20% discount is initiated by going to and placing an order and entering the code when prompted.

    The VVCC has also scored with five Marzocchi forks: 29”(130 mm, 140mm, 160mm) and 27.5” (140mm, 160mm) all in black that will be  used as fundraisers at upcoming VVCC Member events and raffle in conjunction with the Sedona MTB Festival.

    Thank you Marzocchi!

  • 13 Dec 2018 6:43 AM | Kevin Adams (Administrator)

    A huge thank you to all VVCC members and supporters who contacted Sedona City Councilors concerning the lack of a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plan as part of Sedona In Motion's (SIM) Transportation Plan.

    Several VVCC Members and Directors were present at Tuesday's meeting of the Sedona City Council where various parts of the SIM was on the agenda. It took over two hours for SIM 11 - Bicycling and Pedestrian Plan - agenda item was addressed and the VVCC was ready. VVCC DirectorDoug Copp, Treasurer Kevin Adams (speaking on behalf of the Sedona Red Rock Trail Fund) and President Marty Glinsky spoke in favor of a comprehensive plan since SIM-11 was very limited. VVCC members Mike Raney and Scott Keller also spoke in favor of a comprehensive plan as did several residents.

    Providing moral support in the audience were VVCC members Janet Levy, Randy First, Lauren Browne and Evan Puglia as well as VVCC Vice President, Dan Blaettler and Directors Pam Milavec and Don Mathieu. If we missed anyone who was there, please let us know.

    As a result of these efforts, the Council directed City staff to develop such a plan. Democracy at work!


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